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Blue Bliss UpMark

Blue Bliss UpMark

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Bookmark and self-care tool!

Detach from the bookmark, move the beads, and take a few deep breaths. A perfect way to relax before or after a journaling session!

This UpMark is made of 7, 6mm semi-precious stones including: turquoise howlite for calm, and silver-plated hematite for connection.

UpMark includes a lobster clasp for attaching to the bookmark so it’s always there for a mindful moment! This UpMark also includes stainless steel findings and a handmade tassel.

Each piece is handmade and stones are carefully sourced. There may be some small variations in the stones from what’s pictured, however, we take care to ensure each individually crafted piece is something you’ll love.

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