Portable. Convenient. FUN!

From pretty phone charm fidgets to minimalist bracelet wraps that have a mighty secret, our products are designed to make finding a moment for self-care a little easier.

What is self-care?

Anything you do to relax or nourish yourself in some way is considered self-care. Here at Uplighten, we start with breathing. You're doing it right now. It's keeping you alive! But believe it or not, there are different ways to do it! There's shallow breathing from the chest, and there's deep breathing from the belly. Right now, try filling up your belly with breath. Hold it in for a few seconds, then let it out slowly. Repeat this a few times if you're in the mood.


You've just done something amazing for your body and mind. Deep breaths activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which switches off our fight-or-flight response and helps our bodies relax.

Welcome to self-care for real life. YOUR life.

  • Our products go where you go

    When you look at your bag, phone, or wrist, you'll remember to take a moment for yourself.

  • They are designed to make you feel good!

    Whether playing with our fidgets or fidgeting with our pendants, we want those moments to lighten you up!

  • They give you new ideas

    All products have QR codes with ideas and exercises for how, where, and when to use them!

Ready to meet our products?

The Original

UpCode Binary Code Wraps and Bracelets

Secret words and messages are coded into each piece using binary code, the universal language of zeros and ones. Only you will know what it says!

Repeat the secret encoded message to yourself when you put it on, take it off, or just when you need a reminder during the day!

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The Original

UpFidget Bag Charm

When you're on the go, keep the UpFidget connected to your bag. When you need to slow down a racing mind, easily unclip it from your bag and move the beads. Count them. Pay attention to how they look and feel. Breathe.

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The Original

UpRound Phone Strap

When you're on the go, keep your UpRound connected to your phone. When you need a moment, easily unclip it from the connector (included) and run the beads through your fingers! Focus on how they look and feel. Take a deep breath or repeat a meaningful phrase with each one you touch.

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The Original

UpCharm Phone Fidget

The UpCharm detaches easily from your phone and becomes a handy (and discrete) fidget for meetings, classes, or a coffee break.

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The Original

UpMark Bookmark Fidget

Detach the fidget from the hook, move the beads, and take a few deep breaths. It's the perfect way to relax before or after a journaling session!

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The Original

Uplighten Pendant

These hand-stamped pendants are a unique tactile tool for mindfulness.

When you're playing with your necklace during the day, pay attention to how it feels - where it is rough and smooth. Remind yourself to take a few deep breaths as you focus on the textures.

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