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Aries Binary Code Bracelet

Aries Binary Code Bracelet

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"aries" is coded into this bracelet using colors to represent binary code - the computer language of zeros and ones.

Aries (March 21 – April 19) 

The fiery ram that likes to be first. Ambitious and fearless, you lead with passion and motivate others with your confident nature. Be your bold self, and bring others along for the ride. Embrace your impulsive side!  

Power words: strength, dynamic, confidence, enthusiastic, courageous 

Ruling planet: Mars 

The black matte glass beads represent “0” and small silver represents “1.” The code is terminated on each side with a silver-lined glass bead.

They are made from delicate glass beads that are strung on a durable stretch cord for maximum versatility and easy wear.

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