What We Do

Trainings for corporations, community groups, and non-profits in mindfulness, self-care, and stress management.

We guide participants through an in-depth and personalized experience to help them learn actionable, practical, evidence-based techniques they can use immediately.

What You’ll Experience

For many of our small workshops, participants receive:

  • An UpFidget to keep
  • Guidance on how to use their brand new tool
  • A journal to use during the workshop and at home
  • Practical tips and tools for stress management in daily life

Who We Are

Founders Melissa and J.AWe are J. A. and Melissa, the founders of Uplighten. We’re passionate about using mindfulness and practical self-care techniques ourselves, and now we help others tap into the possibilities for change in their own lives.

J. A.

A former counselor and current award-winning author and speaker, I have over two decades of experience in the mindfulness and self-care space. From the TEDx stage to the front of classrooms and training rooms, I teach about the power of mindfulness, ancient wisdom, and the powerful opportunities for growth in everyday life. I bring my passion to groups of all sizes and help people tap into their inner systems for relaxation and stress management.


As a mom, entrepreneur, someone with life-threatening food allergies, and one who has gone through divorce, self-care and mindfulness have become so important to me. They became especially important as I recovered from a serious case of viral meningitis in late 2021 that took a major toll on my physical and mental health. I have a wealth of first-hand experience using mindfulness techniques to turn tough times into opportunities for positive change.

How to Reach Us

Workshops may be customized to suit your group’s needs. To find out more about what we can bring to your group, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you!