Here are a few ways to use your Uplighten Pendant to slow down and take a moment for self-care:

Feel It Out

When you feel stressed, take a few moments to feel the different textures. Notice where it feels smooth, notice where it feels rough. Really focus on the changes in texture. Take a few deep breaths.

Make It Count

Slide the pendant back and forth on the chain. Count slowly to ten as you slide it one way then the other. Try to make each slide even. Focus on how it feels as it moves over the chain. Put all your attention on these movements.

Build A Box

Drag the pendant slowly one direction for four counts while inhaling. Drag it back in the other direction for another count of four while you hold your breath. Back the other way while you exhale for four, and once more in the other direction while you hold your breath after exhaling. Do this a few times to get centered.