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Desert Sunset UpRound

Desert Sunset UpRound

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A phone case strap AND handy mindfulness tool!

When you're on the go, keep it connected to your phone. When you need a moment, easily unclip from the connector (included) and run it through your fingers!

Focus on how the beads look and feel. Take a deep breath or repeat a meaningful phrase with each one you touch.

All products are handmade in Arizona. We've represented some of our favorite scenes using semi-precious stones:

Picture jasper represents the mountains, amethyst and rhodonite represent the colorful sky, and carnelian represents the setting sun.

Round includes a connector for attaching to your phone case so it’s always there for a mindful moment!

This round also includes glass seed beads, stainless steel findings, and a handmade tassel.

Each round is handmade and stones are carefully sourced. There may be some small variations in the stones from what’s pictured, however, we take care to ensure each individually crafted piece is something you’ll love.

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