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"2024" and "infinite" Binary Code Bracelet Set

"2024" and "infinite" Binary Code Bracelet Set

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When you add all the numbers of this new year (2+0+2+4), you get 8. Turn it on its side…and you have the symbol of infinity (∞). This is YOUR year of infinite possibilities. Whether you are writing a book, starting a business, or going inward and working on yourself, expect to make great strides in whatever you turn your attention to.

"2024" is coded into one bracelet, and "infinite" into the other, using colors to represent binary code - the computer language of zeros and ones.

For the "2024" bracelet, the gray matte glass beads represent “0” and the clear crystal beads represent “1.” For the "infinite" bracelet, the matte blue turquoise beads represent "0" and the clear crystal beads represent "1." The code on each bracelet is terminated on each side with a silver-lined glass bead.

Choose from three sizes (6.5 inches for smaller wrists, 7 inches for average wrists, or 7.5 inches for bigger wrists). They are made from delicate glass beads that are strung on a durable stretch cord for maximum versatility and easy wear. 

Also, choose a free accent bracelet from the colors above (accent pictured on wrist is clear crystal). Looking for more colors? Add additional accents here!

If this a gift, please be sure to let us know in the fields provided!

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Customer Reviews

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Marcia Ring
Beautiful, thoughtful.

I love my bracelets and so do my sweet friends who received them as gifts! They are comfortable enough to wear 24/7! Thank you so much!

Delicate yet sturdy

Got these recently for myself. They are delicate but also feel sturdy. I wear mine daily. Highly recommend.